GOEL's ultimate goal is systemic transformation
to a legal and democratic state

In creating a viable alternative to the mafia, GOEL has proved it can build a transformational economy in Calabria based on sustainable and ethical social enterprise. It is creating space for the rebirth of democracy and civil society in one of the poorest and most corrupt regions of Europe. Its work has potential international importance in offering a model of change for failed states and communities around the world.

But to extend its reach and impact, GOEL needs to scale up significantly. It seeks transitional social impact investment to help the organization grow tenfold, creating a co-operative network with an annual estimated turnover of €70 million. In the long term, the group plans to become self sustaining through increased international sales.

GOEL’s ultimate goal is systemic transformational change in Calabria that will allow succeeding generations across the region to share openly in the benefits of a well functioning legal and democratic state

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