The Need for Reform in Southern Italy. Largely as a result of mafia intimidation and corruption, Calabria remains one of the poorest regions of Europe. For decades, ‘ndrangheta has had a… [Read more]
The mafia has two weaknesses: wealth remains in the hands of very few and they invest outside Calabria. GOEL is working to build a new politics in Calabria based on ethical enterprise and community… [Read more]
Challenging 'ndrangheta by creating a legitimate and ethical economy. GOEL was set up in 2003 as a community movement determined to challenge the mafia by creating a flourishing economy based on… [Read more]
To improve opportunities for all Calabrians GOEL needs to expand its reach and impact. The GOEL community co-operative movement is registered in Italy as a non-profit social enterprise. It includes… [Read more]
Over time GOEL has gained the trust of large numbers in the local community who have participated in the establishment of GOEL and have seen that its methodology and strategy of empowering them to… [Read more]
At GOEL’s core is a small group of committed human rights defenders who take substantial risks personally. In the management and administrative centre – home to finance, legal services, marketing,… [Read more]
Calabria is the “toe of the boot”. Calabria is the most southerly region of the Italian mainland, the “toe of the boot”. Its largest city, Reggio Calabria, is a short ferry ride across the Straits… [Read more]