Challenging 'ndrangheta by creating
a legitimate and ethical economy.

GOEL was set up in 2003 as a community movement determined to challenge the mafia by creating a flourishing economy based on sustainable and ethical social enterprise.

Its network of co-operatives works across a wide range of economic sectors – including organic agriculture, health services, food distribution, hospitality, responsible tourism, eco-fashion, textiles and organic cosmetics.

Our Activities

GOEL Bio includes organic farming and food production, processing and distribution as well as bio-cosmetics, restaurants and catering. Farmers who refuse to submit to the mafia have formed a protective network to help members attacked by ‘ndrangheta. It also runs Amal, a restaurant using only organic food from GOEL farms and guaranteeing fair wages and conditions to staff. The restaurant suffered a bomb attack before its opening.

GOEL Bio Store


The GOEL label CANGIARI is a leader in textile manufacturing, hand woven fabrics, handicrafts and eco-fashion. Marginalised women workers are employed to revive the ancient tradition of Calabrian hand weaving. Leading-edge design and tailoring transform the cloth into haute couture. CANGIARI is now the pre-eminent eco-ethical high fashion brand in Italy, the only one completely organic.



GOEL Travel is developing new standards for responsible tourism in Calabria, a sector dominated by the mafia until now. We guarantee that none of the profits of our holidays go to the mafia.

GOEL offers accommodations and different itineraries to enjoy Calabria nature and culture (sea, mountains, archaeology, food).

GOEL Travel web site


Campus GOEL is an incubator for Calabrian start-ups. GOEL works especially with entrepreneurs developing new avenues of a future ethical economy.

GOEL Welfare runs a shelter and skills workshop for new migrants arriving every year in Calabria and prevents them falling into the hands of the mafia. Migrants are welcome in Calabria, which has been severely depopulated by emigration. It also works to support disabled people, orphans, abused children, troubled teenagers and people suffering from mental health problems.

Creating space where disadvantaged and marginalised groups can play a greater role in the Calabrian economy is a core value for the GOEL network.

All of GOEL’s member co-operatives stand as living social and economic models for how Calabria can build a legal and prosperous state free of mafia control.

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